Concert - The Hollywood Slim Band

The Hollywood Slim band is a unique member of Cleveland’s blues family. Brothers Greg, also known as “Hollywood Slim,” and John Lucic have been playing music in Cleveland for over forty years. Hollywood Slim is known for his bluesy singing voice and John, who has lived in Lakewood for over thirty years (His wife’s grandfather, Dr. Peter Warren, was on the Library’s Board of Trustees!), plays guitar and sings backup. Rounding out the quartet are Paul Lawson, also of Lakewood, on bass and vocals and Mark Ryan on drums, percussion and vocals. Although their music is based on Hollywood’s love for 50s/60s Chicago style blues and John’s love for 40s/50s jazz music, the band still enjoys adding arrangements to their repertoire and giving some of the arrangements their own touch with three part harmonies. This translates into music that remains fresh, even though some of it is over seventy years old!

Sunday, February 26, 2017 - 2:00pm
Main Library Auditorium