Film - The Spy in Black (1939) - Presented by Barbara Steffek-Hill

In the middle of World War I, German U-boat commander Captain Hardt (Conrad Veidt) receives secret orders. Under cover of darkness, the sub surfaces and Hardt boards a small boat. He’s rowed ashore and makes contact with German agent Fraulein Thiel (Valerie Hobson). The villagers know her as Ann Burnett, the new schoolteacher. Hardt’s mission is to learn the sailing date of the British fleet. When it’s underway, the U-boats are to mount an attack. British naval officer Blacklock (Sebastian Shaw), a disgraced commander Fraulein Thiel has turned, provides Hardt with strategic information followed by the precise day and time the ships weigh anchor. A complication comes calling in the form of the real Burnett’s fiancée. Barbara Steffek-Hill presents a series of classic and contemporary films from her personal favorites.    

Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 6:00pm
Main Library Auditorium