Author Event - Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood Book by Lisa Damour, PhD Presented by the YMCA of Greater Cleveland

“Just wait till she’s a teenager!” Most parents have been warned about the stress of raising a teen girl: the friction with friends, the rush of emotions and the stinging rudeness followed by sweet affection. But your daughter’s teenage years don’t have to feel like a tangled mess for you or for her. There’s a predictable pattern to how girls grow: a blueprint for adolescent development. Lisa Damour, PhD, director of the internationally renowned Laurel School’s Center for Research on Girls, pulls back the curtain on the teenage years and shows why your daughter’s erratic and confusing behavior is actually healthy, necessary and natural. Untangled, an instant New York Times best seller, explains what’s going on, prepares parents for what’s to come and lets them know when it’s time to worry. Perhaps most importantly, Untangled helps mothers and fathers understand, connect and grow with their daughters. When parents know what makes their daughter tick, they can embrace and enjoy the challenge of raising a healthy, happy young woman. Books will be available for sale and signing at the event. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 7:00pm
Main Library Auditorium