Friends of Lakewood Public Library

The Friends of Lakewood Public Library is a volunteer organization that has supported the Library with materials, programming and service since 1980. Originally brought together by a determination to keep good books from going into the trash, the group has grown with the Library to become an essential part of Lakewood’s way of life.

Donations of old books, magazines, movies and electronics are welcome every day of the year. While some of these materials make their way into the Library’s collection, most items end up being sold at the Friends’ seasonal book sales. The proceeds are used to sponsor free lectures, concerts and films at the Library and to pay for crucial materials like the Library’s Program Guide and the Library’s van which is used to deliver books to classrooms and those who are unable to leave their homes.

In the last few years, the Friends have begun selling rare books online to increase revenue. Reading material has been donated to armed forces personnel serving in warzones. And libraries devastated by floods and other natural disasters have put themselves back together with help from the Friends.Visit our Friendly Online Bookstore..

Support the Friends by donating materials, volunteering, shopping at the next sale or attending a concert.

Upcoming Friends Books Sales


Spring Book Sale
March  23, 2017     Thursday:  Preview Sale:  6pm – 9pm
March  25, 2017     Saturday:  9am – 5pm

Summer Preview & Saturday Clearance Sale
June  8, 2017       Thursday:  Preview Sale:  6pm - 9pm; Not a Bag Sale.
June  10, 2017     Saturday: Bag Sale:  9am -5pm

Arts Festival Sale
August  5, 2017     Saturday:  9am - 5pm

Fall Book Sale
October  5, 2017        Thursday:   Preview Sale:  6pm – 9pm
October  7, 2017        Saturday:  9am – 5pm

Holiday Preview & Light Up Lakewood Clearance Sale
November  30,  2017:     Thursday:  Preview Sale:  6pm – 9pm; Not a Bag Sale.
December  2,  2017:      Saturday:  Bag Sale:  9am – 5pm

Join the Friends and receive entrance to special, members-only preview sales  (Preview Sales are NOT bag sales). Memberships may be purchased at the door for as little as $2.00.


The Friends will never run out of ways to lend a helping hand. By the same token, they can never have enough volunteers. Enter your information below and a Friend will contact you soon!