Transversion by Peter Diepenbrock

Sculptor and industrial designer Peter Diepenbrock installed Transversion, a 3,000 pound work of  textured bronze and stainless steel, on the northwest lawn of Main Library on November 16, 2011. The piece was commissioned by the Lakewood Public Library Foundation without a single tax dollar and has become an instant Lakewood landmark.

Hailing from the Rhode Island School of Design, Diepenbrock is a sculptor and industrial designer with twenty-five years of experience turning personal visions into concrete realities. He has designed everything from large, outdoor works that redefine their surroundings to delicate ornaments for the White House Christmas tree.

A poem by Tom Baskerville Rowland was deemed the official poetic description of Transversion after a 2012 poetry contest.

With so many wonderful poems submitted, the Library decided to publish its first book--a collection poems, striking photographs, ingenious math problems devised by clever Lakewood High School students and a little history of the sculpture. The book, Poems and Problems: Inspired by Peter Diepenbrock's Transversion, is now available as a pdf.


800 Pounds of Stainless Steel in the Base
1200 Feet of 3/8 Rod in the Frame
16 Sheets of Bronze Cut into 2240 Pieces
4,000 to 6,000 Welds
320 Linear Feet of Polished Tubing
3 Kilos of N-Propyl Nitrate
45 Sanding Discs
75 Belts
2 Pounds of Polish
15 Gallons of Distilled Water
10 Tanks of Propane
30 Ounces of Wax
900 Hours of Perspiration
Total Weight: 3000 Pounds
Calendar Time to Build: 4 Months
Size 14’8” x 14’8” x 8’2”