Community Gallery Photography Collection

The north and south entrances to the Main Library are lined by the works of Lakewoodites who showed us how they saw Lakewood with photographs of the city's icons, daily life and overlooked corners. The Lakewood Public Library Foundation’s Art Selection Committee chose thirty-four works from twenty-three photographers with a contest held in late 2007.

The Photographers

  • Corinne Baker
  • Mary Breiner
  • Laura Clementz
  • Martha Cliffel
  • Tate Davidson
  • Nathalie Dibo
  • Felicia Erhardt
  • Phyllis Kohring Fannin
  • Peter Garver
  • Joseph Gregg
  • Ivor Karabatkovic
  • Rhonda Loje
  • Christian LynnStaub
  • Terry Mahon
  • Emily Ott
  • Dana Paul
  • Missy Richardson
  • Brent Seabrook
  • Carl Staub
  • Kristen Tellaisha
  • Erin Weber
  • Holly Whisman
  • Stephanie Yencer