Lakewood Public Library Foundation

The Lakewood Public Library Foundation helps the library acquire additional resources needed to maintain and increase excellence in community service, and to achieve long-term financial stability.

For nearly a hundred years, Lakewood residents have enriched their lives with the many educational and cultural benefits of the Lakewood Public Library. Our Library has become more than a collection of lending materials. It’s the center of our city and a crossroads between communities. Thousands of books, millions of songs, movies, magazines, concerts, lectures and forums crowd the Main Library and the Madison Branch. To ensure that the community retains robust access to these riches—even as the nature of its resources continue to change and grow—the Lakewood Public Library Foundation was formed in 1994. The Foundation's mission is to help the Library acquire the long-term financial stability it needs to maintain and continue to increase its reputation for excellence in community service.

What is the Purpose of the Foundation?

The Lakewood Public Library Foundation tasks itself with the fortification of Lakewood Public Library against all challenges. As we look to the future, the Library's ability to continue to provide worthwhile opportunities to the greater community and maintain and a longstanding tradition of outstanding service will depend on an ability to fund its ambitions.

Who Oversees and Manages the Funds?

As a non-profit charitable organization operating for the exclusive benefit of the Lakewood Public Library, the Foundation seeks financial support from individuals, corporations, and other organizations to enhance collections, equipment, facilities and services. Seven trustees serve without compensation on the foundation board. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes the Lakewood Public Library Foundation as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by the law.

How Will My Gift Help the Library?

Besides providing long-term financial security, funds managed by the Foundation have been used to purchase books and materials deemed vital to a high standard of service. Money has been set aside to maintain the structural integrity of facilities. Public computers have made an immeasurable impact on library life, giving the community a decided edge. And works of public art adorning the Main Library cement the Library's place in Lakewood culture, seeding the imagination of visitors and creating an atmosphere of inspired learning.  The release of these funds will be overseen by the Foundation’s Trustees who are charged with the duty of honoring all contributions.

How Can I Make a Contribution?

There are many ways to make a difference. A simple cash donation can be made using the link at the top of the page. No amount is too small. Many people make large donations by placing a bequest in their will. The bequest can be stated as a specific amount or expressed as a percentage of the estate. Your attorney can notify the Foundation or simply send a copy of the bequest to the Foundation through the Library. For further information about making a gift or bequest, please call the Library at (216) 226-8275, ext. 104.